daspace.co.uk is the website work of Daren Allder. Self-employed since 2003, Daren’s background and experience has helped him to develop the broad range of skills needed in creating and managing websites. He is skilled in marketing, business analysis, software and web development, graphic design and more.

Daren started in computing in the 1980s, going on to complete a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science at City University, London. During his course, he worked for Philips in software development and, after graduating, moved to another company as a software engineer. Although mostly developing embedded software – for standalone instruments – he completed PC-based projects too, and was always interested most in the design and workings of the user interface – how the user interacts with the software, through the display and keys/buttons/keyboard/mouse. One of his first projects was to develop a Windows-like interface for one of their larger instruments, moving it from keyboard-operated to keyboard and mouse. He was also regularly called upon to create graphics and character-sets for other projects, bringing a professional design sense to the various instruments’ displays. He also worked extensively on company literature, starting from operators’ manuals and moving eventually to full-colour marketing literature and advertising.

In the mid 1990s, he gained his employers’ permission to create the company’s first website. He wrote this entirely in HTML and also created all the site graphics. Later he added online purchasing for spares for the company’s products.

Soon afterwards, the company was bought by a multi-national business, with 170,000 employees worldwide. Daren joined the new owners’ global web team, helping to develop strategies for the business’s .com site as well as fighting his local employers’ corner in representing their products and services within a much larger organisation. A few years later the local business was sold off to another global group, and Daren had a similar role with this new owner. As a result, he has gained valuable experience and training in global branding and the management of large business websites.

In 2003, Daren left his full-time role and started to do self-employed website work alongside some further college studies. By this point he’d already developed a few smaller sites for bands and small businesses. Now he manages two part-time careers: this one in website creation and management, and the other in music and leadership in a local church.


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